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Managing Your Dashboards

TruEra's comprehensive Monitoring Dashboards show you model and performance statistics across a broad range of metrics, with distinct panels displaying:

  • Model Performance - to track classification and regression performance with industry-standard measures like

    Area Under the Curve

    also known as C-statistics, ranges from 0 to 1; measures the two-dimensional area underneath the ROC curve.

    Root Mean Square Error

    also known as root mean square deviation – commonly used regression metric for evaluating the quality of predictions; measures the Euclidean distance between the prediction and the ground truth.

    Weighted Mean Absolute Percentage Error

    sometimes abbreviated wMAPE – a variant of MAPE, absolute percentage errors are weighted by volume; used to investigate the average error of model predictions over time.
    , and

    Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain

    a measure of ranking quality by taking into account the position of relevant items in the ranked list.
    , among others
  • Model Drift – to track score and label drift from the baseline
  • Segment Performance - to define specific segments of your business and track performance over time
  • Model Output and Label Statistics – average scores, distributions and other statics
  • Data Drift - to identify features that have the most influence on drift
  • Data Quality - to identify and track common data issues like invalid numerics, missing values, schema mismatches, out of range and unrecognized categorical values
  • Custom metrics - to track performance for a particular segment of your data, as well as your own user-defined custom metrics.

Combined, TruEra Monitoring delivers multi-model support in a single UI, from which you can conduct analyses across models and filter for error-prone segments, simultaneously, with the following distinctions:

  • Only panels applicable to the model type — regression, classification, and (coming soon) ranking — are shown.
  • Panels are segregated by model and data
  • Current data panels (drift, DQ, and volume) only apply to tabular models.
  • By omitting ingestions of input data, panels can support image and NLP model monitoring by limiting ingestion to predictions, labels, and any custom or segment tags
example dashboard with alerts
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For guidance on viewing, filtering, and understanding TruEra Monitoring dashboards and panels, click Next below.