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Need Access to TruEra Monitoring?

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LLM Observability

Evaluate, Debug and Monitor your LLM Apps Throughout Their Lifecycle
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Applications built using LLMs need to be evaluated before using in production and continuously monitored once deployed in production. TruEra's LLM Observability product allows you to evaluate, debug and monitor your applications at scale. When you start off building an app, you can use TruEra to experiment with different prompts, parameters, structures and uniformly evaluate them as you iterate. Once in production, you can use the same framework to start evaluating performance on an ongoing basis at scale.

The workflow for building LLM applications involves significant experimentation.

  1. Build your LLM app
  2. Connect your LLM app to TruEra and log inputs and responses
  3. Use feedback functions to evaluate and log the quality of LLM app results
  4. Explore in UI

If you wish to monitor your LLM applications in production

  1. Connect your production LLM app to TruEra
  2. Log inputs and responses in "production" config
  3. Use feedback functions to evaluate and ingest the quality of LLM app results
  4. Monitor it live in production

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