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Virtual Model Ingestion Guide

Three commands are needed to create and add the virtual model:

  1. tru.add_model – creates an empty virtual model
  2. tru.add_model_predictions – adds model predictions to a virtual model for a given split
  3. tru.add_model_feature_influences – adds feature influences to a virtual model for a given split

Upgrading from Virtual to Executable

Use the tru.attach_python_model_object and tru.attach_packaged_python_model_object commands to upgrade a virtual model to an executable model. This attaches an executable model to your virtual model and will enable TruEra to call this model object when computing new predictions and influences.


Attached model objects are not retroactively validated against existing pre-computed predictions and influences for the virtual model. Therefore, make sure the model object you are attaching is the same object used to generate the virtual model's predictions and influences.

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