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Local data ingestion

First things first

The TruEra client appropriate to your environment must be installed before proceeding with data ingestion. If you have not yet installed the client, see Installation and Access for guidance.

Here, we detail ways in which data can be ingested into the TruEra ecosystem locally. The discussion assumes knowledge of the project, data collection, and the data split structure described in Project Structure. Knowledge of basic ingestion commands and concepts as discussed in Diagnostics Quickstart is also recommended.

Although, data can be ingested into the TruEra ecosystem using the platform's command line interface (CLI), TruEra's Python SDK, or the TruEra Project Dashboard (currently in development), Python SDK ingestion is strongly recommended. But, before ingesting data, you'll need to create a project with a data collection and split structure. For help, see the Diagnostics Quickstart

Ingesting Data Using the Python SDK

TruEra's Python SDK supports importing local data files or uploading pandas.DataFrames using the TrueraWorkspace.add_data_collection() and TrueraWorkspace.add_data() methods.

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