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Installation and Access

To access TruEra self-service Diagnostics, create your TruEra account and sign in at

Once you've signed up, you're instantly provided with a TruEra user account, granting you access to a TruEra deployment you can share with other users in your organization.

System Requirements

Although TruEra's Python SDK can interact with web services via the Python environment of your choice, before continuing with installation, please review the system requirements for installing the TruEra package here.

Download the TruEra Python SDK

You can download the TruEra Python SDK via PyPI with pip install truera.

Alternatively, if you lack access to PyPI, you can download and install the TruEra Python package from Ater signing in, execute the following steps in the TruEra Web App:

  1. Click your avatar in the toolbar at the top-right of the browser window, then select Resources.

  2. Click TruEra Python Package under TruEra Client Downloads and save the latest .whl package to your local machine.

    open resources to download SDK
    click and hold to enlarge

  3. Open a command prompt and enter pip install truera-*.whl.

This automatically installs the TruEra Python Package in your Python environment and sets the tru executable in the $PATH of your environment.


Keep your TruEra Python SDK version in sync with the latest TruEra release by periodically checking the release notes in Announcements on the TruEra Support Portal and then downloading and installing version updates as appropriate.

Get Started

To get started using TruEra with the Python SDK, follow the guidance in the Python SDK Tutorial on Local Compute Flow.

Otherwise, click Next below to continue.